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I. Observe Morning, Afternoon and Evening Prayer;


   II. Practice holy listening in all relationships;


   III. Hold one another accountable to God in the spirit of gentleness [Gal. 6:1];


       IV. Seek stability in the midst of being tempted to run away from difficulty,

knowing that our spiritual life deepens as we live-out our faith within the situation,

and work to maintain relationships even when they become difficult.


   V. Practice ongoing study of the Scriptures;


   VI. Be regularly involved in some local church;


   VII. Refrain from speaking evil against another [Jas. 4:11-12];


   VIII. Bear one another’s burdens [Gal. 6:2];


       IX. Practice social engagement according to John Wesley’s principles of mercy, justice and piety;


       X. Contribute to the ministry of the Center For Spiritual Formation through prayer, gifts and service.



                                                                                                               --Est. at Williamsport, PA 2/1/’00